car350x233Being injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or actions can be a terribly personal and traumatic ordeal. There can be physical, emotional, and psychological injuries that can last a lifetime, and change a person’s life, or their ability to enjoy it. A person’s ability to provide for themselves and their family financially, personally, and emotionally can be threatened or jeopardized. This is your life, and the stakes are high. You may have lost wages, reduced earning capacity, past, present, and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and a reduced quality of life, or ability to enjoy life.  Injuries for example often cause anxiety, depression, and weight gain.  The final chapter in the story, as to the final results and outcome, is often profound.  Dealing with multi-million dollar insurance companies is tricky.  They use million dollar software programs, and large teams of highly trained individuals to deny your claim, suggest you were at fault, or minimize your compensation.  Your own health insurance company may have a “subrogation” interest and may expect to get paid back all of the medical bills they paid –out of your settlement.  This is why a highly skilled attorney is necessary.  It’s imperative in fact.   You need an attorney that has handled a lot of cases, handled large cases, who knows exactly what they are doing.  Insurance companies keep statistics on which plaintiff’s lawyers actually litigate cases, and have trials when necessary.  They know which attorneys they can “low-ball” because those lawyers never fight hard, never go to court if necessary, and never have trials if necessary.  The insurance companies know me.  I beat them at trial three times last year accomplishing six figure verdicts.   Some law firms are notorious for advertising a lot on t.v., taking in a high volume of cases (which makes them rich), and settling those cases out for a small percentage of what they are worth.  I have had numerous clients fall prey to big advertising only to later regret not coming to me first.  Is your lawyer just looking to get their quick cut, or are they looking to maximize your results?  Ask your lawyer about the jury trials they have personally had in the last 5 years.  That will tell you if they are really a courageous tenacious fighter for you, or just hoping to get their quick easy cut at your expense.  There is no quick easy way to get the money you do deserve.  The insurance company never hands over money easily.  It takes work, and I am prepared to do that work.  My history, experience, and trial record speaks for itself.  Let’s do this the correct way.