11684990_sI have been handling family cases for 18 years. It is unlikely that your case involves a life issue that I have not dealt with. I have handled highly complex million dollar divorces, complicated custody/placement cases, adoptions, termination of parental rights, maintenance/spousal support, child support modifications, and everything in between. Few things in life can be as unsettling as having family law related problems. The process of working through family court issues can be exhausting. Nothing hits home more than when your problems lie at the very heart of things. Often, people are dealing with this chaos while anxious and depressed over the situation itself. I have witnessed good people of high character getting pulled down into the proverbial mud and behaving badly during their case. Because family law issues involve emotional interests intertwined with financial interests, they tend to bring out the worst in people. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is no reason why family cases cannot be handled efficiently, professionally, and with integrity.   Its understandable to be angry with the other side, but you don’t want to hate who you became during the process when you are done. If you are looking for a lawyer who will be a weapon for causing maximum pain, or be malicious and vindictive, you need to find a different lawyer.  I will advocate aggressively and professionally to protect your share of your marital property, will fight to protect your rights, and will strive to put you in the best position going forward. A divorce is an exercise in diplomacy, involving an ongoing cost-benefit analysis that forces one to pick their battles wisely. I will help you make educated, informed, calculated evaluations as to when we should dig our heels in and fight, and when it is advisable to compromise (don’t fight over the Tupperware). We will consider the tax implications of different decisions, and make sure we are comparing apples to apples when dividing property and debts. If we are dealing with custody and placement issues for children, we will do so in a manner that reduces the likelihood of return trips to court in the future, by solving all comprehensive issues. We will do all of this in an efficient, fair, and professional manner that leaves us both with our self-respect and integrity intact when the process is concluded.